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What shipping options do you provide?
We offer free shipping on all orders to US addresses via USPS Priority Mail. We also offer domestic and international shipping via FedEx, UPS, and DHL. We are very flexible- if you have a particular shipping need, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Do you ship to my country?
We can ship to most locations around the world, but with a few exceptions. Contact us for more information.

Senaptec Strobe Eyewear

What is the Senaptec Strobe and how does it work?
The Senaptec Strobe is a training eyewear that trains sensory skills by taking away visual information. By doing so, the wearer is forced to become more efficient with the reduced amount they are given to achieve success with a task.
Where did the concept come from?
The concept of visual occlusion originated in human factors research in the 1960s studying the visual demands of driving. This eventually extended to researchers using strobe lights in a dark room to create intermittent views while doing a task. Wanting to take this concept to the practice field, eyewear was built to provide intermittent occlusion using liquid crystal technology in the lenses. The Senaptec Strobe is the latest and most advanced stroboscopic eyewear to date, backed by decades of research and development.
How is the Senaptec Strobe used for training?
The Senaptec Strobe can be integrated into traditional training drills across many sports and activities. The training strategy is to first do a drill without the Senaptec Strobe, followed by the same drill wearing the Senaptec Strobe, and repeating the drill without the Senaptec Strobe to feel the training effect. Remember to find a level where it is challenging, but not frustrating.
What are the benefits of training with the Senaptec Strobe?
The Senaptec Strobe eyewear help to slow down the game by improving your visual skills and feel for your body movement. Check out our Research & Science page for the how it can help you in your application.
Can I use the Senaptec Strobe with young athletes?
Young athletes can use the Senaptec Strobe when they have some level of competence of basic skills. This comes at different ages so there isn’t a minimum age. We’ve seen kids young as 6 years old benefiting from Strobe training.
How do I connect the Senaptec Strobe to my phone?
Download the free Senaptec Strobe App from the App Store or Google Play. Your phone pairs to the Strobe eyewear via Bluetooth. Please ensure your Bluetooth is turned on. Before you can control the Strobe eyewear with your phone, you must perform a one-time firmware update on the Strobe eyewear. Click the link below for the how to video to complete this firmware update. The steps to complete this firmware update are also available on the Senaptec Strobe App. Simply open the app, select menu, and select firmware. Tap on the information icon – (i) – to get the step by step instructions.

Training & Health

What is sensory training?
With some skills, you can notice improvement in the same day. As a general guideline, you should notice a difference in the field of play within 3 weeks of training.
How often do I need to train?
Like physical training, you need to maintain your sensory skills by training on a regular basis. In general, training 3 times a week for 20 minutes each should have an effect, but for specific results, it depends on what skill you are training. If you are integrating the Senaptec Strobe into your physical training, it’s not additional time needed, but getting more return out of the time you’re investing.
How soon can I see results?
With some skills, you can notice improvement in the same day. As a general guideline, you should notice a difference in the field of play within 3 weeks of training.
What is the risk if I am susceptible to seizures?
If you have any concerns due to your medical condition, please consult your health care provider before using the Senaptec Strobe. The most commonly elicited stimulus frequency for photosensitive seizures is 15 to 20 Hz. The default frequency rates on the Senaptec Strobe is 1 to 6 Hz, which is well outside of the most common seizure range. Despite the name, the Senaptec Strobe does not involve shining lights – the product acts as shutters that block out light. In the history of the Senaptec Strobe and the predecessor, Nike Strobe, there has not been a single reported case of a seizure caused by the product.